CiPPPA Webinar Recap: Driving Circular Solutions in Pharmaceutical Packaging

The CiPPPA webinar, held on 16th May 2024, was a pivotal event for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and those interested in sustainable packaging initiatives. The webinar shed light on the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry and the launch of CiPPPA. Here’s a recap of the insightful event:

The webinar commenced with an in-depth introduction to CiPPPA, emphasising its role in fostering circularity within primary pharmaceutical packaging. With sustainability concerns looming over the industry, CiPPPA aimed to drive positive change and promote environmentally friendly practices.

The webinar was hosted and moderated by Maryam Babba, Ph.D., TDi’s Multi-stakeholder Manager and Lead Project Manager for CiPPPA. Joining her as guest speakers were industry experts:
– Michele Langford, Environmental Sustainability Engineering Lead at Merck
– Harriet Lewis, Director for Market Access and Public Affairs at Chiesi
– Joseph Muscat, Environmental Stewardship and Innovation Senior Director at Haleon
– Sarah Coles, Associate Director for Industry Engagement at Lilly
– Ryan Stolzenbach, Global Packaging Sustainability Program Manager at AbbVie

Unveiling the Rationale
Attendees gained valuable insights into the structure and governance of CiPPPA, along with a showcase of the initiative’s remarkable progress and tangible outcomes. The motivation behind CiPPPA’s inception was also explained, shedding light on the fundamental motivations that catalysed this groundbreaking initiative.

Addressing Challenges and Mapping the Future
The webinar facilitated an open discussion about the challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces in packaging and recycling limitations. The guest speakers fostered a proactive dialogue which paved the way for conversations around innovative solutions. Insights into CiPPPA’s next steps and roadmap were also shared, providing a glimpse into the strategic direction and key targets.

Collaborative Efforts and Engagement Opportunities
The webinar highlighted the emphasis on collaborative efforts championed by CiPPPA’s members, showcasing the power of unity and collective action in driving meaningful change. Attendees were presented with opportunities for engagement where organisations could actively participate and contribute to the overarching goals of CiPPPA through its membership.
By participating in the webinar, attendees expanded their understanding of sustainable practices and positioned themselves at the forefront of a transformative movement within their organisations and the industry.

The CiPPPA webinar was a transformative conversation that took the first step towards driving circularity solutions in pharmaceutical packaging. Watch this space for the webinar’s recording.

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