About CiPPPA

A collaborative not-for-profit initiative

CiPPPA is a collaborative not-for-profit initiative that connects stakeholders across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to develop and deploy solutions for recycling of primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Addressing health industry challenges

A multitude of challenges surround the recycling of primary pharmaceutical packaging

The health industry is facing a multitude of challenges around the recycling of primary pharmaceutical packaging (PPP). Current regulations are stringent to ensure the safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance of each active medicinal product, but so far have been unable to take into account long-term environmental effects. In addition, primary pharmaceutical packaging (PPP) sits outside mainstream consumer recycling processes because of the problematic materials involved, which introduces wider environmental, financial, and regulatory challenges.

Factors affecting medical packaging

Ensuring product integrity is not compromised
Ensuring materials are compatible with the product
Avoiding product contamination or degradation
Ease of use and accessibility
Environmental impact
Cost considerations
While all these factors are imperative to primary pharmaceutical packaging, current solutions are often neither biodegradable nor easily recyclable, and/or made of a mixture of complicated plastic polymers - leading to increased waste in landfills. Their disposal poses a huge risk to the environmental efforts of the industry.
Embedding circular economy

A sustainable future for packaging

CiPPPA aims to assist with the industry’s management of medicinal devices and pharmaceutical packaging, contributing to sustainable practices, effective end-of-life product strategies, waste and carbon emission reduction, and to embed circular economy practices in the pharmaceutical industry.

A collective endeavour

Effective change through collective action

CiPPPA fosters collaboration and innovation by bringing together otherwise competing firms in a pre-competitive environment. By aligning themselves and pooling resources, the member organisations create a platform to address global environmental concerns, particularly related to the end-of-life management of pharmaceutical packaging. This collaborative platform and project management is provided by TDi Sustainability.

Our mission

A future with sustainable packaging
CiPPPA envisions a future where everyone can easily recycle used medicinal packaging such as metered dose inhalers, blisters, and injectors in order to significantly reduce waste.
Collaborative approach
CiPPPA focuses on three essential functions: converging, accelerating, and coordinating collaboration to develop and deploy solutions for pharmaceutical packaging in a pre-competitive setting.
Finding solutions to environmental challenges
CiPPPA addresses the significant environmental challenges posed by the disposal of pharmaceutical packaging, and works to identify solutions around collecting, recycling, repurposing and reusing materials.
Action Task Forces
Focus on blister, inhaler, and injectable packaging to drive the initiative forward through industry collaboration and expertise.
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