Introducing CiPPPA

Circularity in Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Accelerator

CiPPPA is a collaborative not-for-profit initiative that connects stakeholders across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to develop and deploy solutions for recycling of primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Our ambition

Reduce waste and recycle pharmaceutical packaging

The initiative seeks to revolutionise the primary pharmaceutical packaging industry by championing sustainable practices, fostering collaboration and commitment, and developing solutions free from competition, for the benefit of all.


CiPPPA promotes circularity –
focusing on the renewal of materials,
creating a ripple of change

How CiPPPA works

Learn how our Action Task Forces are working towards solutions

CiPPPA’s Action Task Forces – focusing on blister, inhaler, and injectable packaging – are pivotal in driving the initiative forward. Led by industry experts, their aim is to leverage and optimise existing solutions for pharmaceutical packaging – scaling them for use nationally.


Join CiPPPA to make an impact in the pharmaceutical industry

CiPPPA aims to reshape the management of pharmaceutical packaging and lead the healthcare industry in environmental stewardship. Join us in this groundbreaking initiative to contribute to industry-wide transformation.

Meet our partners

Latest news & updates


CiPPPA Webinar: Driving Circular Solutions in Pharmaceutical Packaging

The CiPPPA webinar, held on 16th May 2024, was a pivotal event for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and those interested in sustainable packaging initiatives. The webinar shed light on the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry and the launch of CiPPPA. Watch the video here or read the transcription below:

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Press release

A Collaborative Approach to Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

The Circularity in Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Accelerator (CiPPPA) – initiative was launched this month to transform the management of medicinal devices and pharmaceutical packaging.

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Insights from Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2024 Conference

Maryam Babba Ph.D., Multi-stakeholder Manager at CiPPPA, recently attended the Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2024 conference, where she spoke on delivering nationwide solutions for problematic healthcare packaging.

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